Private party packages

Here are the current packages we offer!


Tacky sweater workshop

You know you are going to a Tacky Holiday Sweater Party!  Create something unique that you can gurantee no one else will have YOUR sweater.  We have two choices:  1.  You bring a sweater, we bring all the crazy stuff to decorate it with!!  2.  Give us your size, and we will provide the sweater and all the shit to bedazzle it with!  

Bring Your Own Sweater:  $20.00 per person.

I bring the sweater:  $35.00 per person.

Macrame workshop

Tra la la la.  Macrame workshop options:

Macrame Wall Hanging:  Small= Large=

Macrame Plant Hanger:  Small=  Large=



weaving workshop

Small weaving:  $35.00

Large Weaving:  $55.00